5 things I learned in my 1.5 years blogging journey

Awesome read..personally this encourages me..seeing that I only started blogging last month..and have less than 10 followers at the moment..lol..but, I’ve done many of things in my life and I feel it all has led me to blogging 😁

Popsicle Society

Hello my dear readers,

I have started my blogging journey with 2 things in my mind, no, actually 3:

1.To share some of my hobbies like cooking and traveling

2. To bring a smile on readers’s faces

3. And to take it at a certain level and be able to monetize something from it 

Now, what I have learned from this journey so far? 

I have learned that:


I did not expect it to be easy and I am a very organized person but honestly with a full time job for living, I have struggled to find time to share my hobbies.

I don’t know you, but in my case, I have realized that is not so easy to write a post. Is not just that I sit down in front of my computer and start writing. For me writing a post means finding first the topic…

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Just a couple living and blogging life one moment at a time

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